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Court A   Court D  

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    Monday - Sunday: 10am-8pm

  • Non-Members

    $50 Per Hour Per Court

  • Members

    $35 Per Hour Per Court
    • At lesat half of the players must have an active membership
    • Must provide membership numbers and names in the note field
    • All members must be present at check-in
    • EBA will call to verify before confirming the reservation
  • Maximum 6 people per court
  • Must follow our COVID-19 Mandatory Guidance
  • Badminton shoes only. Bring your own equipment. Equipment rental is available


  • 24 Hours advance notice required.
  • $10 Cancellation fee for all cancellations

Let's Party!

🎉 Corporate Events

Make your corporate events, team-building events, fundraisers, or any other special functions at Eastbay Badminton Association with a fun filled BADMINTON theme party. We host all kinds of events, from corporate events to fund raising competitions, from team building events to school field trips.

Birthday Parties

Come and host your birthday party here at Eastbay Badminton Association. Enjoy the fun & excitement. Make your birthday party at EBA with a fun filled BADMINTON theme party. Play on your own privately reserved courts with our Olympic standard Robin flooring. Our dedicated staff is there to to ensure your party will be a FUN SMASHING experience.


Would like to host a badminton tournament with us? Besides our annual EBA Open, we can also host your special badminton tournament - small or big! We have a great tournament planning system can help you organize your special badminton tournament.